Thursday, September 08, 2005

Played really well today. Won only 1 of the 4 games I was in, but damn, I played with much more confidence and aggressiveness in my mind. I learned to trust more my abilities. And I was more keen as to which ones were my current weaknesses.

I learned how to approach some of the key moves better, and began to get a better understanding of how to really swing that darn racket. I tell you, all those years of playing Tennis... this really changes your approach.

Saw some cute people, but then again, they served more as a distraction than anything during the game (which my officemates were more than happy to remind me). Of course, since i had the camera, I was the one cursing them with pictures to make their game go bad (seemingly this always happens to whomever I point the camera too, even without clicking it).

Of course, karma reared its ugly head in the locker room. Clicked myself while trying to get it into the bag with my sticky sweaty fingers. The picture came out too good (so being a sport, I decided to post it here.) Gah....

A pity though that neither Joey nor Isha were able to join the game today. It would have been even more fun if they could.

When Isha passed by to join me for lunch yesterday, she gave me a tube of Liquid Neutrogena to use to clean my face. After she heard the horror story of me using 70% isophrophyl alcohol once every two weeks to clean my pores, she commented on how my pores were open and dug the tube out of her bag. I have to say I was never a fan of facial products (barring the theater make-up I used to wear during my thespian years, or the rare times i use this facial mask I bought to help some friend's racket), so here's hoping I actually use it correctly.

Will let you know if there's been any improvement. :-) Thanks again, Isha!


  1. badminton...hmmm.

    I got a new blog. link this one instead of the old one. I'm leaving pain behind.


  2. nice G, how much weight have you lost? funny face B D way :)

  3. must learn this sport.

  4. Rex, okay, will change the link. Ironic thoough. You always were a poet man. Always were.

    Elias, Thanks! Hehehe I lost.. uh.. 10 pounds? But am still forty pounds heavier than back in college.

    Ten, Oh it easy! Go find people you can play with!



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