Thursday, September 08, 2005

Meet up with the Panda-rous Isha today. Since I had very little time for lunch (work was rearing its stressful head again) we decided to eat at Cafe OZ which was close enough to her dorm. Had an interesting dish which I can't remember but was definitely yummy and all that. Isha, on the other hand, had a carbonara. The highlight, though, were the really good fruit shakes (strawberry for me, mango for Ish) and the darn delicious and not-too-sweet apple crumble cake.

You see, unlike most apple crumble cakes, this one was really good with real apple bits. I recalled how McDonalds used to have sayote in their apple pies. Those were eeeugh... But going back, the cake was so rich and good that I just had to stop myself from eating too much (medyo malaki na tiyan ko, no!)

But one thing is for certain, had it not been for this breather from work, I'd probably be in a much more foul mood. Despite the rain and the traffic, hanging out with Isha really helps make me feel happy about the day again.

I dunno. Maybe its cause she just knows how to make me smile.
With or without tickling me.


  1. the garapata is... nevermind, i don't want you to hate me again.... :D just wondering. you can always correct me.

  2. The garapata is happy.
    Not always.

    But happy when it matters.

  3. sanitylane's sister runs (or used to run? own? something like that) afe oz. isn't that interesting?!?

  4. ako ba yun sinabihan malandi? sheyt alam nila??? c tobie malandi??? hmmmm... he was referring to you... i knew it!!! ;)

  5. Awww... i love you too mama doggy! awwww. Seeya later pow.



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