Saturday, September 10, 2005

Was hanging with the Panda, Isha, again. Had an early day so we opted to grab some breakfast in the famous eatery called Rodics. Isha wanted to have fun with the digital camera however (probably misses her own, hint hint...)

So, we had some fun going around and taking pictures left and right. I know the captions don't really do them pictures justice (and I am certain Isha will have her own spiels when she get's her copies of the images for her blog). Still, wanted to share them cause they definitely added another touch of laughter to my weird mood swings as of the late.

Strangely, Isha finds my Adam's apple weird. I guess considering mine protrudes more than most people's (i would like to think of it as a personal beauty mark! hahahah!)... could have been worse I guess! :-P

Oh, and to those who didn't quite get the last image, do read Isha's blog to understand. Hehhehe...

After a few complaints from the Angryman himself, I decided to finally deal with it and make sure John Boy appears in my blog.

Frankly, though, its actually the SECOND time.

Not too long ago (see here), John Boy actually was already featured in my blog (with his ex... este... former Malate co-member, Mike) but I guess after the recent surge of image-supported posts in my blog, medyo nainggit ang lolo.

Or maybe he just wanted an updated pic in here (of course, I would take the liberty of choosing the LEAST flattering image of my friend, for his own safety of course. Medyo trolling grounds ng stalkers ang aking backyard for quite some time now.)

Oh, and yes, girls, he's straight-as-a-board.

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