Wednesday, August 17, 2005


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Yep, I think I counted a total of five times that Isha actually got me to freak a bit and turn around to check by muttering "Oh... Doggie!" while looking past my shoulder. Gah, vengeance shall be mine I swear! Made my way to U.P. to join her for lunch today. After giving obvious signs of my being a newbie at U.P. Diliman (looking around often, with a camera in my hands) she decided to take some pictures of me instead. Siyempre, art directed diba (tongue and all!) Had another round of great conversation, laughing about mother hen moments, talking about siblings, about family-relations or non-relations that crop out of nowhere, and rest room-motel anecdotes, I nearly forgot to head back for a two o'clock meeting. Salamat na lang hindi ako na sermon for arriving slightly late for the meeting.

Thanks again Isha! Catch you on our next free time.


  1. awwww. Who is that gorgeous babe there? Nice tongue... Wahahaha.
    Hugs, Tobie. See ya later. I owe you a humiliating pic on my blog. just wait till i get my cam back. Just you wait.

  2. egad.

    Will hide now.

  3. Hey Tobie-I got an email from you. Thios is Kevin from the Strange Brood podcast at
    According to our logs, you have been to our site like 30 times, and we gave you a shout out on our last show. I was curious how you got those video clips at the bottom of your blog-email us back at . Nice blog.



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