Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Finally got a chance to meet with Isha. She willingly traversed the distance between UP and ABS-CBN and joined me for some Bibingka and Starbucks drinks (which we actually ordered only to have the table to use.) We shared a great conversation, talking about so many things, funny anecdotes and little tidbits of information about college life, real life, parents, teachers, thesis perils and the like and were having such a great time...

... then my cellular chimed and I had a message reminding me of the work I had to do.

But yeah, I'd like to think its the prelude to even more interesting conversations and brain-picking, with or without bico-hair or strange stalking dogs. Tomorrow (or should I more appropriately say "later"), I'm planning to commute to UP to return the favor of her coming over to my office. Here's hoping work doesn't try to bury me too much that I can take a lunch break a bit further than usual.

*Isha mentioned she was surprised to know I was taller than she expected. Do I look short in my blog?

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