Thursday, August 18, 2005

Another Tour of U.P. DILIMAN
Got another chance to have lunch with Isha and check out U.P. DILIMAN, the university which might have been the school I should have gone to. No offense to De La Salle University (my Alma Mater, who taught me so much and gave me even more lessons in life than most ever will gain) but some how I always felt my artistic and rebellious streaks would have been better utilized in U.P.

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We had lunch at the famed Beachhouse where the bar-b-que was truly delicious and the hefty rice servings settled nicely in my tummy. A brown hyena-like doggie walked up to us and began doing the "Shark" thing on me, circling around our table in a deliberate carefully coordinated selection of places to sit and stare at me. Eventually, the doggie (much to Isha's amusement both at the doggie's ability to freak me out as well as my own pale-cold sweat reaction) decided to give me a taste of an "Open Water" moment and suddenly walked past my leg, grazing me with its hair.

Had a lot of fun talking about spirit questor history, ghost stories, weaknesses and lots of talking about how Old I am. Too bad I had to hurry back to work though. But one does have to earn one's keep to pay the bills.

Also, went to Badminton last night with my officemates. This time lost 2 of the three games I played in. Sigh. Will post pictures when I get a chance to.


  1. Oh my Gawd. You posted them. *strangles you and feeds you to the doggies. You will wake up with a hundred doggies sitting on your bed.

  2. 100 doggies... that is just mean!



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