Friday, August 12, 2005

Damn it and I had to leave the charger for my Digital Camera at home! Argh to think there's this pictorial I have to handle at eleven today. I guess in the urgent need to get out of the house, I totally forgot that the charger was actually in a different bag. That's what I get for switching bags last minute last night. I hate it when that happens.
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On the lighter side of things, allow me to share two (small) pictures of my officemates displaying their usual comical selves. Above, see Joey do her reenactment of the disturbing "lady combing her hair" image from Ringu. And yes, in case you're wondering, that was taken in one of the many places here in ABS-CBN. Spooky eh? Further above is Joey, Joven, Rixx and Marianne doing their version of the Cell Block Tango from Chicago! You gotta love them for being so willing to have fun!

Was actually up late last night chatting a storm with Isha, whose life it turns out is so much more interesting than the already intersting posts and anecdotes she showers her blog with. Makes me wish I could go back to college and relive such interesting times (yes, the double meaning is intentional). Sometimes I wonder how my life would be different had I gone to U.P. instead. Lots of my friends actually get shocked when they discover I'm a DLSU graduate. "Di nga? Masyado kang.. anti-cono" (No way, you're way too.. anti-posh) was a common reaction (although not in verbatim) to those who learned of my Alma Mater (or heard my ring tone, which yes is the DLSU Alma Mater song out of respect for the college I wasted more years than necessary at.

But going back, Isha reminds me of why college was so fun and why I shoudn't really allow myself to bog myself down with my problems, heartaches and lack of recent artistic release. Sometimes, all you really need is a friend or two to wake up your happy bones.



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