Monday, August 29, 2005

Gaming Weekends, Clone Wars and Wraith Websites

Had a very event-packed weekend last week. Friday night started with a delicious dinner with Isha and ended with some videoke singing. After a long sleep over saturday morning, I then met up with Isha again to attend the AEGIS Open Meet. Contrary to what others might assume, AEGIS in this case refers to the Alliance of Eclectic Gamers and Interactive Storytellers which is nearing its tenth year anniversary. We played this fun game board based on Lord of the Rings which Nabs brought to the event. I had the role of Frodo. Isha was Merry. Three others portrayed Sam, Pippin and Fatty (who was the fifth Hobbit other than Bilbo mentioned in the books. Fatty was the one who was to act as a decoy for Frodo.) From hilarious "we're doomed!" moments at the start, the Fellowship began to work well together as we progressed through Bree, Rivendell and eventually successfully navigated our way around Helm's Deep and arrived at Shelob's lair. Unfortunately, it was there our overconfident won over us and we ended up finding ourselves standing before the evil Sauron and failing the quest.

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Later that evening, I ran a nWOD game for Isha and a bunch of other guys who wanted a taste of the darkner moodier type of gaming. Inspired by television shows like Lost and the old Twilight Zone episodes, I had each of them create characters who then go through frighteningly strange encounters that change their lives forever. One encountered a freaky neighbor who seemingly had a twisted demonic slant. The other learned his brother was entering politics and coming out as a gay governor. Another discovered the gay governor he was to support was brutally murdered before his very eyes. And while one learned his wife and daughter had been impossibly abducted by his own reflection, another realises that a scorned woman, even after death, is even worse.

Later that evening, Me and the gang (Special thanks to Aldwin for bringing a car!) drove up to a Starbucks where Isha's parents came over to fetch her. From there, we then headed back to Paranaque with my posse for our Orpheus game. Laughs were generously shared as we dissected Sam's Chabak Dota Charaight fascinations. Both Teddy and Benny Lee struggled between jokes to laugh. We met up with James at my place and gave the inhabitants of the underworld something to remember Orpheus by.

The next morning, I woke up to learn plans had to be shifted around. Originally I had hoped to travel all the way to San Pablo to attend the Komikero's Anniversary event. After spending most of the day moving around Alabang for errands, I opted to head for Greenhills and tried a second time to find CSCentral (2nd level, Beauty Shop Center, near Dunkin Donuts) in hopes of getting the Aeon Fluxx collection I was eyeing for quite some time. I decided to give myself something to be happy about:

Got the following DVDs:

  • Orgazmo
  • Il Mare (which should be a good follow-up to the movie A Moment to Remember)
  • The StarWars: Clone Wars animated collection
  • Copy of an old martial arts movie called Seven Swords.

So far, I've only seen the StarWars: Clone Wars collection, which remains the BEST thing to have come out of the second StarWars trilogy.

Finally, am about to run some FTP tests uploading sample pages for a website I am to be tasked to maintain. The site is known as the Wraith Project and it showcases articles, fan write-ups and the like for both the old World of Darkness Wraith setting, Orpheus and the New World of Darkness ghosts. I asked Seth to help me install a FTP software to use for it, but so far, he's had some trouble making it work. Here's hoping I make get to make things work before the week is up.


  1. Nice weekend pare...I miss gaming...maybe when we have a reunion or something like that

    FTP software that you might find usefull:
    Free- FILEZILLA (
    Paid- FTP voyager (

    I've used them both, FTP voyager has a scheduler that's pretty usefull but they're both pretty good. ingatz

  2. Ah... thanks Elias! This would prove to truly be useful!


  4. you can check out BLAZE FTP ( too, haven't used this though but it's also recomended by the geek community.



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