Monday, August 29, 2005


And much easier to access!
After the trouble I had with the paid webspace I got two years ago, this time I'm going for easier accessibility. Each time an issue is done, it will be posted in until a newer one is released. Also in this site shall all fan-email be read, posted and replied to.

For older issues, PDF versions of previous issues as well as other freebies such as Wallpapers and eventually pure-english PDF versions shall now be available to all those who opt to subscribe to the dilimancomic yahoo group ( Special notices and announcements on future issues and any other comics I make can now also be received through it.

Lastly, for those who don't like downloading pdfs, you can still catch the comic page-by-page at Those who opt to read via page-by-page can also access "commentary" for each page if they start from the very beginning of the archive.

So, share the comic and spread the word. Issue fourteen is amost out! Two exclusive sneak peek pages are available for those who join the mailing list. Check it out now!


  1. Hey Tobie,
    I dunno if you remember me but I used to hangout and jam with your brother, Mike, at your house in P'que. Anyway, glad to find your blog listed at one of my friend's blogs ( Just bloghopping today. See you around, pre. :)


  2. thanks for sharing this... :)

  3. Heya Will! Welcome man! You can reach my brother by checking out his website at

    I am sure he'd love to hear from you!

    Eroica, No problem. Glad you liked it.



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