Saturday, August 27, 2005

Badminton Day 3 was my worst performance yet. Although we arrived earlier than usual,the game started with a nearly 0-15 game between Jen and Marianne with me and Ramil. Hideous I know. As fate would have it, my luck could only go further and further lower. Got some good tips though, from Jeanette on how to hold the racket and not risk breathing my thumb. As well as interesting tips on how to strike close shots, how to side-step better, and how its all in the wrist.

Still, none of the advice could prepare me for being very out-of-the-zone that night. Struck the ceiling rafters more often than anything. And even when we finally got to the happy point of having a non-score practice session after the games, my final stroke sent the shuttlecock hurling towards a rafter and disappearing somewhere up there. Gah! Bad day... Next week, hopefully, goes better.

If not, I am gonna punish myself.


Met up with the eternally pandacious Isha. We had dinner at a nice small restaurant which served vegetarian food (me and my brain.. I forgot the name AGAIN of the place) and shared some delectable desserts. Slightly pricey, but well worth the expense. Walked in the rain and bumped into a few of her possible dormmates and eventually made our way to singing some stress away.

Soon enough, after embarassing salvos singing songs like "Broken Vow," "Crazy for you" (Both Madonna and Michael Cruz's versions) as well as "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" we opted for some jologs/OPM moments and tried "Buloy" by Parokya ni Edgar, "So It's You" of Christian Bautista and "Please be careful with my Heart" of Jose Mari Chan. When Maurice (I really hope I got his name right) finally came to join us, we tried a few louder songs like "Plush" (which we didn't finish), "Come What May" (which nearly swallowed our lungs) and even "Satisfaction" (which Maui sung and will definitely give an encore to someday) A few Boyband songs were tossed around before Isha threw the bomb at us with her rendition of "Oops, I did it again" by Britney Spears.

All in all a great de-stressing end to a wonderfully toxic week.
Here's to having another one someday soon!


  1. haha. you'll live. Only because you didn't go into too much detail. see ya later, tobie. hugsss

  2. Hats off to you. I can't play badminton at all. I'm a tennis player. I think my reaction rate is too slow not to let it bounce once before hitting it...

  3. HAhahhaha...
    you mean like.. -----------------------------
    Oh yeah.. :-D
    Saving that for my own protection.

  4. singing is the best therapy. it lifts your mood and make you forget a bad day. ako, i make it a point to sing everyday kahit commercial ad lang ang sinasabayan ko, and i'm sintonado ha ü

    thanks for dropping by my blog. sana you win all your tourneys.

  5. singing, badminton... things i haven't done for a loooooong time. what about sex? i heard it takes away stress too. errrr... i really don't know. :)

  6. Brown eyes, very true... heheheh and that's the fun of videoke. Even if you CAN'T sing, no one can complain cause you're paying to sing anyhow. Heheh

    Eroica, sex? Uh.. hmm... hmm? sorry, what were we talking about again?

  7. Oi Tobs nice to see you have a new physical hobby... watch what you eat too ok its pretty much calories in and calories out.... trying to loose weight again too haven't been doing cardio for a while only beel lifting weights....ingatz

  8. Elias, yeah its really nice! Especially considering I have felt some pants become... suman wrappers so to speak.

  9. Karaoke rin tayo minsan! After I finish all these pages I am going to need some de-stressing too! Ha ha ha! :D



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