Thursday, August 25, 2005

DILIMAN issue 14

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Almost done.


  1. hi tobie, where do i find more about how you do your comicstuff? do you do them manually or do you use computer graphics..
    ive been seeing them on your blog once in a while and find myself more curious everytime, i think they're great. i admire people like you who can do such artwork.

  2. Well, my sequence is as follows:

    1) Write plot outline. Define key points
    2) Make Thumbnails (small sketches of each page) for lay-out purposes
    3) Draw pages by hand, leaving all blacks and textures undone (which are later added via computers after scanning)
    4) Scan pages
    5) Add text, textures and blacks with Photoshop
    6) Save for web
    7) eventually release.



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