Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A few days ago, Edu Manzano showed up in our office to check on a few things and say hello. Like before, my camera became something everyone was happy I had with me. So before you know it, we (me included, which was strange actually) suddenly became rabid fans who posed beside the handome and multi-awarded actor.
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I used to think I was totally over the star-struck tendancies most of my officemates are afflicted with, having been growing up among the company of celebrities on odd occasions in my childhood. If you ask me, if ever there really were people I'd fawn over, they'd be people like Carlo Vergara and David Hontiveros who inspired me in so many ways to become a comic artist/writer, or Dean Alfar who continues to make me wish I could write, marry and have a smashing good looks just like him.
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Or people like Jay Anyong and Adrian Martinez whom I look up to as RPG gurus, or people like Jonas Diego and Elbert Or whose creative influx remains something I wish I could harness within me. Even He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named who really reminds me of why I shouldn't give up and keep going for my dreams even if it takes some time for others to be supportive. And my Parents... who are the best parents in the world and raised their kids in the best way they can and have nothing to worry about us kids not being ready for the world.

But if there was one person other than those everyone else I have mentioned whom I really look up to and admire, it would be Yaya Bebie. She started working for my parents back when I was one year old (Yeah, it was she who was carrying me in the baby pic down there. And yes, its her thumb which many mistake to be a moderately large pee-pee being flashed by the baby me) and has been loyally there to take care of the family and help maintain our house.
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Yaya Bebie... thank you so much for always being there for me and the whole family. We love you!


  1. Oh, you are too kind to me, my friend - and not too kind to yourself. I believe in you and your talent, give yourself a chance to shine! :)

  2. oh shoot! that's carl!!!!!!!!!!!
    me a fan too. :)

  3. Si Elbert pa siguro. ;)



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