Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Somehow, my archive of posts for last month is gone!
I tried searching for a post and they're still there, but the link to the archive as a whole doesn't show anything... Must have happened during the recent hiccup.

Can anyone help me retrieve them?


  1. At blogger, try the republish everything button (as to republish index only) and check it out again.

    Worse case scenario is to do a Google search on yourself, and click on the "cached" link. Then save it manually.

  2. I used the search button on your blog to search for "July" entries and they're still there. It's just the archiving feature of blogger that's not working right. Worse case scenario is that you go to "Edit Posts" feature of blogger, go back to all your entries in July, and copy them somewhere to archive them. But I think the republish everything button should fix everything (either that or there's something in your coding that make it appear like that, hence the big gaps in blog entries before). Also be aware that there's a scheduled blogger maintenance soon, so that might be it as well.

  3. Am tempted to just Republish everything, but the sad thing about that is that it would ruin the "record" of the look of the blog before, as well as the links I had before...

    All that jazz.

    Manual linking each posts.. egad..
    I dunno..

    Thanks for the suggestions though Charles..



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