Saturday, May 28, 2005


So its Friday again... A week has now passed.  And so far it has been great!  Contrary to my post two nights ago, (or last night? I get confused.) I saw Episode 3 last night with my family.  As you can see in the picture below, movies here in the US are fucking expensive! My God, $9.75 for a single movie.  That's over Php500 for a single movie that isn't even a premier showing!  Once again, I miss the Philippines.  Some lines were just great!  (My personal favorites are: "So this is how Democracy dies.. with thunderous applause." and of course, Yoda's line to Anakin.)  Others (mostly Anakin and the Emperor's kind of off-kilter attempts at manipulation) were just bad.  The Wookies' appearance were so... unnececssary.  Heck, that freaky mount Kenobi used to go after Grevious had more screen time!  And I was having a huge laugh when Anakin was at his point of choice and in front of him Mace Windu and Palpatine were going "He betrayed you!" "No he's the betrayer!" "No him!" (What the heck?!?!? A Jedi Master and a Sith Lord reduced to finger-pointing kids?)

Finally found a RPG book I wanted to get at Borders.  Bloodlines: The Hidden expands the selection of vampire bloodlines that can populate my World of Darkness games.  Special applause go to the Khainbit, the Gethsemani, and the Rakshasa.  Some, however, like the Anvari, are kind of icky.

Tonight begins the Gamex 2005 convention.  Butterflies in my stomach and all that, I think I feel the pressure rising like a freaking raging hard-on while spooning with a friend.  (Meaning: It just feels so wrong and strangely exciting at the same time.)  Got my posters, my character sheets, my notes, my books, my dice, my MP3 player (Thanks again, Seth!) and my speakers (Thanks to my brother, Mike, who shared his computer's speakers.) all prepped up.  Here's hoping I give great games worth playing in.  And here's hoping I find good finds too while there.

Lastly,  contacted Jonas last night and was invited to be part of a new Writer's ring every Tuesdays!  I'll be writing alongside Nikki Alfar and others.  An honor, indeed it is.  Here's hoping I actually write stuff worth reading.

Catch you all when I get back!

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