Friday, May 27, 2005

Gah... Performance Anxiety
Its the 26th and I am getting all jittery.
Tomorrow, I test my international gaming chops once again as I run games for an international arena for the third time in my life. Its funny, though, how I am remembered my a number of gamers there (two have already reserved slots for gaming under me, with one even offering me a place to bunk in for the night between gaming days in case I am not happy with the crash space offered by the con organizers). I wonder though if I'd ever catch the attention of someone professional who'd actually offer me Storytelling as a paid occupation. That would be the day, eh?

Still haven't gotten around to finding gaming shops. Visited one comic shop and got the two graphic novels I lack to complete my Sandman collection (The Kindly Ones and The Wake) and a copy of "Its a Bird", the Vertigo Superman book.

Also, searched the throngs of Circuit City and Fry's Electronics for the Lion Battery for my Creative Nomad but found nothing. :-( Probably have to order it directly from Creative. Here's hoping that goes well.

I still haven't been able to mail RoseAnn's painting to San Francisco, nor found the gaming books (Alchemicals, Bloodlines, and Secret of Zir'An) I really want to get. Something tells me, however, I'd bite off more than I can chew (or rather, see more than I can afford) come tomorrow when the convention actually begins.

Oh and yes, as sacriligeous as it may seem to gamers, I have NOT seen Starwars Episode III. I dunno. Part of me is tempted to ignore it for now. I guess its my rebellious streak rearing up again.

It could be worse, I guess.

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