Monday, April 11, 2005

Advanced Birthday Gift
Just want to first thank Seth for the advanced birthday gift. He got me a Creative Nomad Jukebox3 which he wanted me to use for my games to help ease the 20++ music cds I have to lug around (+ 2 cd players and adapters) for game sessions. Even more when I anticipate running more than one game. Well, with its 40GB hard disk space, I got all the music I need. Bwawahahah! And with its currently 11 hour (upgradeable to 22 hours) battery life, I can run games till I fall unconscious!

Thank you again Seth!

Oh btw, remember our concerns about it requiring the Creative Firmware to upload songs? Found something you might have missed. This states:

Are the NOMAD II, IIc, II MG, NOMAD Jukebox, NOMAD Jukebox C and NOMAD Jukebox 20GB supported for use with Mac OS?
The NOMAD II, Iic, II MG, NOMAD Jukebox, NOMAD Jukebox C and NOMAD Jukebox 20GB devices are directly supported in Apple’s iTunes software for use with MP3 files. iTunes is supported for use in both Mac OS 9.x and Mac OS X. Apple iTunes is available, without charge, and may be downloaded from .

An introspective realisation on this second week of April
With my 28th birthday looming closer and closer, I find myself thinking about how things have been going for me every time I find a quiet moment alone. All those Sixteen Candles, Chasing Amy, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink moments and hopes now long passed, I find myself more and more realising how I am both content and prepared to charge for more challenging things in my life.

At work, the situation is in some ways laughable. You got officemates who are resigning every month. You got managers having trouble relating to other managers. You got crushes whom seem to be distant. You got annoying freaks who love to get close. You got work load that overwhelms, pay that embarasses, time frames that commit seppuku and friends who martyr you every time they need your help.

And yet, you find yourself happy to realise: You got work. You got pay. You can go home after work. You got a home to go home to. You got work that isn't demeaning. You got work that you can be proud of. You got even more things and from what have been listed to relate to work alone, you'd be stupid to think you're not having it great.

So you find yourself hoping you'd someday find the opportunity to create your own business (like Bambi has successfully done) or get deliciously married (like our lucky and dear Consy) or even make a "scandal" into a defining moment of one's self-esteem and dignity (like our brave, bold and bibo Lolit has done!) And you find youself wishing somehow, like back in college when you'd meet up with your classmates between courses, or leave them notes in small Steno notepads, or pass them index cards during lectures, you wish somehow you could share with your friends every second... every minute... every passing eyeblink that you realise you're happy where your life is, and yet you're ready to make it even better.

O diba.. ang lalim ng aking Monday thoughts.
Isa lang talaga ibig sabihin niyan.
Tumatanda na talaga ako!

I originally wrote this in one sitting while prepping my weekly kamustahan e-mails with my old college friends (by old I mean mas-matanda sila sa akin! Hehehe joke!) But then I realised I think a lot of others can benefit from reading it. So there.

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