Monday, April 11, 2005

Found 1 of 5 books!
Thank you SAM! The Giovanni Chronicles 1 and 2 have been found, thus ensuring the beginnings of a new Dark Ages - Modern Vampire game to begin this weekend and go all the way possibly past October. Here's hoping it goes well!

And here's hoping those who borrowed the other books show themselves soon enough.


On the sad side
It seems my contact for the Diliman website ( has disappeared on me. Suddenly none of my text messages or e-mails have been replied to. Nor have I been given any word that the site will return online. Sheesh.

This isn't fair at all.
And I think I did pay him too.
(although I could be wrong and just recalling paying what I owed him)

The point is, I feel bad.
The site is down, possibly permanently, and he didn't even inform me about it.
I wonder when I can host the comics online again.

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