Tuesday, April 12, 2005

"GOD" (Actually dapat Godo ang nick name niya. Godofredo kasi!) visited me today and shared with me a music CD from his college years. 5 tracks + 1 bonus track, the CD was called Unplug and Play and was a collection cd of some bands born in U.P. So you got The Merry Song of white noise (although I prefer the new name GJ told me they use "Boy Next Dorm"), Farewell to Alms of Pandora, Lifeline by Kiko Machine, Bala by Lady Bespacers, and Waiting For the Dawn by Blue Note Funk. So far, I seem to prefer The Merry Song and Waiting For The Dawn. I think I would have preferred Bala to have a more powerful woman vocalist. Someone with a more Emilia Torrini touch. Lifeline felt a tad... strange for me. Maybe it would have worked more with a more operatic score. Farewell to Alms had a lead vocalist and strange back-ups that seemed to struggle for the spotlight.

And no, hindi ako biased.

Waaah... Saint Anthony, Help Me!
I can't find my 128MB Memory Card! I know I brought it with me to work yesterday. Tied it to my jeans so it doesn't slip out of the pocket. But somehow... strangely, its gone. Waaah... Why am I losing all these things!??!

HP woes
One time, I'll share with you why I have great disappointment towards HP (yes, the computer company). I purchased a computer system that had a one year warranty with them last year. When you learn the woes that came with it... you'd have second thoughts I tell you, of ever buying anything from them ever again.

Grabe sila. And to think due to them my Mom has already spent over Php10,000!

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