Monday, February 07, 2005

Changeling: The Long Trod Home...
...had ended. Amazingly, after fifteen 13 hour hour long game sessions, the Time of Judgment storyarc for Changeling: The Dreaming has come to an end. Seth, Sam and Aldwin were able to stop the Great Purge, reopen the doors to Arcadia, defeat the bearer of the Triumph Casque of Sorrows and survive the onslaught of 5 different story-options on how to end Changeling the Dreaming combined into one main plot.

Special moments in the game I will hold in my heart:
1) Seamus using Tamerlain to defeat Yen Shen, the embodiment of Cinderella.
2) Barnaby finding himself face to face with the Urban Renewal League and talking is way out of it.
3) Grekos using his incredible speed to rush after an escaping car.
4) The chimera Fiona
5) The redemption of Joseph Van Noceti III
6) The Frost Queen
7) The fight to free David in Goblin Town
8) The first appearance of the Tithed Ones

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