Thursday, February 10, 2005

I can't help it
After tossing and turning in bed, certain imagery kept swirling in my head and demanded to be given a chance to reach others. So, there, I'm placing it here in my blog even if I was supposed to be falling asleep cause I want it out before it gets pissed off at me for not being made final.

If Aldwin, Sam and Seth will let me, come next weekend (or whichever one weekend Aldwin would be free to join us), I would like to present Changeling: The Long Trod Home - Director's Cut where I reset the game at a certain point in the Deep Dreaming where they faced the merged forms of Harroth the Mute and the White King himself. I want to have my vision of the rise of the Green Court, the coming of the Thuatha De Dannan, the War Against the Dragons, the Final Hour, the Starlight Exodus with only the final epilogue seen being almost totally untouched (except for three key scenes I didn't get to show).

So guys, what's your call?

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