Saturday, February 05, 2005

Drunken Despidida
Attended Dia's despidida party today. It was held at a small quant place along Morato called Lut's eatery. Barely ate and had two beers when both Tina and GJ offered me another beer. Me, being the weak beer drinker I am (I prefer tequila or vodka) found myself having a strange time singing and dancing and hooting like some monkey.

Was a bit depressed to know Dia is leaving ABS-CBN Global, but at the same time am terribly excited for her. She' s going to take up nursing and I can't wait to see exactly where her new path in life takes her. Dia, if you ever read this, I have full faith in you. You always could achieve whatever you set your mind to achieving. May the Lord be kind and allow us to cross paths again someday.

See some of the many pictures we took that night:

Dia and me. Damn, I really have to get more sun.

Singing the night away with a heartful rendition of "This guy is in love with you, pare!"

They who were behind me getting drunk. Actually, blame god (GJ). It was his beer!

My gang with the soon-to-leave Dia.

Ahem... Me and my blood-sister Tina (She shares my birthdate.)

Watching others humiliate themselves like I did while Willy sings She Bangs!

Para hindi naman panay ako: Other guests who also attended.

So Dia, bon voyage!
And do stay in touch!

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