Friday, January 14, 2005

SEE how the world can be really mischeivous?
After feeling down and in the dumps, I read this. Thought the exchange is pretty old, the fact its going on still gives one hope. Yes, my friends, Changeling: the Dreaming as out-lived ALL OTHER old World of Darkness games. Ha!

Hello all:

Please excuse the inactivity. As I recently mentioned, “Keys to the Kingdom” has taken on a renewed life of its own and it may be a while before it comes out, but rest assured it is moving forward. For those who are interested, I thought I'd drop a few hints on what the book will include.

As I mentioned in this thread's original post, this was to be Changeling's entry to the “Year of the Scarab” (2001), but the game folded and the book was not completed. I was one of three authors and will soon be releasing two of the three chapters, with added materials bringing it up-to-date with Time of Judgment (the last official Changeling release). In brief, the book will include…

A short story that tells of the trials and tribulations of the ogre Cyrrax, and his quest to find the key to the Triumph Casque of Sorrows in a strange and alien world. This story has been posted on the excellent Right to Dream site since 2003; the link is below. The story has changed little, except for a few tweaks to better integrate it into the rest of the book.

Beyond the short story, the book will include an Introduction, Lexicon (all the usual necessities) and introductory information on the quest for the Triumph Casque, an ancient Fomorian artifact of incredible power. It also introduces the reader to the Scarlet Circle, an Unseelie Oathcircle determined to reach the Casque first. Their master is Harroth Balor, a mighty sorcerer and descendant of Fomorian kings. The Scarlet Circle is commanded by none other than Lady Eithlinn (introduced in “The Book of Houses 2”.)

The book was originally to consist of three chapters. The first was to be set in Egypt. As previously mentioned, that chapter is unlikely to be released, but the rest of the book will be finished for final release.

Chapter Two: This chapter was written by Rustin Quaide and is still unfinished. Russ has agreed to add some additional materials, but has a very full plate these days, so it may be a little while. I'll keep people posted on progress. It is set in Brazil and deals with Casa Estoria, a freehold that embodies the dreams that grow from literature. I don't want to say much more, but it also introduces some new changeling Kiths.

Chapter Three: Titled “Red Winter,” this chapter comprises most of the book and follows the quest into the far reaches of the Dreaming, with expanded entries on several new and previously published realms in the Near Dreaming. This chapter deals with some of changeling's darker themes, describing the chaos and war that have swept the Dreaming following the death of Ravana (Ravnos, to you Vampire fans), and in anticipation of the approaching final Winter. Without giving too much more away, I am currently finishing a long and intrigue-laden chapter set in the Winterweir realm of Queen Lir (see Denizens of the Dreaming). I am also well underway on the endgame scenario set in Kureksarra, the heart of the Red Fomorian Dream.

Lastly, the book will include two indexes, among other things detailing the spider-like Aslynthi and a new Art wielded by servants of the Fomorian Dream.

I will be moving on to “Book of Glamour” after I've completed KttK and will be taking some of you up on your kind offers of assistance. Just please bear with me as this, somewhat longer than I intended, process continues. Thank you again for your continued interest.


Christopher Howard

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