Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Rushing to make deadlines
Work. Comics. Requirements. Weekends.
So many deadlines to meet. And I have so little time.
Recently got word from Budjette that the artists he contacted to do my piece for the Alamat collection, Bayan Ni all backed out (what, was my comic really that bad?) and sadly, the last minute hope of it ever getting published is if I draw it myself.

Then there's Love and Heartbreak 2 which I have to have ready for the February 14 release Elbert is aiming for. Its so hard to make comics about love when you're feeling more of stress, heart-less work and all that negative jazz. Gah.

Then there's work,
but to talk or blog about that would mean filling my netspace with all the shit and reasons that could get me booted out. So no, I'm shutting up here. Bad enough they've cancelled all flexitime accomodations to the employees to needed it to actually practice work-life balance.

And yes, it still could get worse.

Oh, by the way, its TVGuide week.
Tobie's gonna go stomping around soon.

Thank God for... well... many things.

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