Friday, January 14, 2005

Life goes on
Times seem to have been getting tough, not just for me, but also for people I know. People seem to be getting more and more moody. Mid-life Crisis tends to be the operative word. So many are starting to get a sense of disillusionment and incompleteness.

The hardest thing about these kinds of feelings and situations is the utter lack of power anyone else has to do something about it. Anything and everything that can be done to change the situation and feeling lies within the person himself. The choice to be happy. The decision to find what you want. The perception to identify what you are looking for.

In some cases, its a choice.
In other cases, its an understanding.
And in some, its a realization and an admission of need.

Times have been tough on me, that much I will admit. The feeling of not being where I belong, or the urge to break away and try other things circulates around me often, that I've been getting depressed and emotionally antsy lately. But when others go through something similar, I cannot help myself but wish I could find a way to help. Or find away to take it all in and let the other feel better.

I wish there was an easy solution to all this.
I wish there was a magic pill to make whoever drinks it happy.
Really happy.
Not prozac happy.

But happy.

So to those who feel their lives are finally on an upswing.
Good for you! Embrace it! Relish it! Share it!

And for those like me...
we'll at least know you are not alone.

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