Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My Sassy Girl
Again, I am a late bloomer. Considering this movie was released way back in 2001, it was only today that I finally got to watch My Sassy Girl and fall in love all over again. The movie is based on the on-line serial , Yupki-Girl, written by Kim Ho-sik which details his relationship with his unbelievably carino brutal college girlfriend. From on-line serial, it gets compiled into a best-selling book and eventually gets the attention of director Kwak Jae-young.

The story kicks off with college student Kyun-woo (Korean pop singer Cha Tae-hyun, in his feature film debut) crossing paths with a drunk girl (Jun Ji-hyun of "Il Mare") on a late-night subway. Just before she passes out, the girl looks at Kyun-woo and calls him 'honey'. The other passengers, assuming him to be the hapless girl's boyfriend, demand that Kyun-woo look after her. After carrying her on his back for what seems to be miles, Kyun-woo drops the girl off at a motel. But instead of leaving her and getting on his way, Kyun-woo finds himself intrigued by the nameless girl and vows to do whatever he can to heal her sorrow.

Of course, he bites off more than he can chew.

It is a great movie with lots of laughs, heart-touching moments and hilarious situations that are so down-right ordinary and common and yet unique in their own ways. With memorable characters, great ideas for dates and a wonderful example of how one man can show how much he really loves someone, this is a movie I highly recommend to all those who have forgotten how it feels to be in love.

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