Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Pardon me being Antsy
There are some things I really just hate right now.
Part of me wants to just leave for the States now and get those dreams of filmmaking out into the real world. Part of me wants to leave for another job and find a place where will actually be given a job-title suited to my capabilities and a salary properly compensating for my talent. Part of me wants to stay here every day in the apartment I share with my friend and ignore the world outside that is filled with friends who don't call and enemies who still ruin my good name to people I haven't even met yet. Part of me wants to just sleep in the day, make comics at night and run roleplaying games while I am awake and not drawing.

I'm a mess right now.
So, sorry if I step on your toes.

I was aiming actually to break them.

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