Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Due This Week
1) Flier for Special Event
2) Poster for Special Event
3) Streamer for Special Event
4) Print Ad for Special Event
* Note, for the first four items, I was provided 72dpi images of the stars to appear in the event. I mean really now, do they realise that even if I blow them up just for the poster, the images are going to get all screwy. What more for the streamer!

5) Commercial concept for Europe promo
5.1) Storyboard

6) Commercial concept for Europe Christmas promo
6.1) Storyboard

7) Commercial concept for Europe promo #2
8) TV Guide finalization of materials
9) Revised material for video commercial of Telecom product #1
10) Inventory of materials used in commercial for Virtual store
11) Help in Budget

And the fucking thing that annoys me?
Even if I were supposedly paid 1000 for each numbered item, that is still higher than what I actually am paid.


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