Friday, September 24, 2004

Due This Week
1) Flier for Special Event
2) Poster for Special Event
3) Streamer for Special Event
4) Print Ad for Special Event
- Finally got higher resolution pics for all but one star. finished the initial design earlier today. Will see revisions needed tomorrow.

5) Commercial concept for Europe promo
5.1) Storyboard - last minute revisions needed

6) Commercial concept for Europe Christmas promo
6.1) Storyboard - done. But then the client shelved the promo. So all the work on this is considered useless. Or stored for future use, depending on how you view it.

7) Commercial concept for Europe promo #2 - on hold.
8) TV Guide finalization of materials - done.
9) Revised material for video commercial of Telecom product #1 - done.
10) Inventory of materials used in commercial for Virtual store -not done. have to collect the rest and check the list.
11) Help in Budget - almost done.

One day more....

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