Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Keeping sane by treading the thin line
When you work in an advertising agency, even one as small as the one I work in, there are just some days you have to dance around the less sane route to make sure you'll stay sane in the end of the day. The constant flood of workloads, rushed projects, revisions and new requirements can overwhelm even the most stoic of men in the workplace.

So when our Boss, Miss Beth, got back from New York City with a bunch of Victorian inspired masks as pasalubong and my Dad got back from California with the rechargeable battery kit which we needed here at work, two merged into one for a funny antic that just demanded to be done, lest we burn away our sanity and begin singing the Pamela-Otso otso song acapella.

I tell you, it is on days like this that I forget how over-worked and under-paid I am and recall how great it is to work in an environment where people don't solely exist to backstab you, and your boss is a human being who knows you are one too.

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