Thursday, August 12, 2004

Opinions and Editorials
To my knowledge, an editorial cartoon was always the opinion of the artist in relation to a main theme or subject matter that exists in the attentions of the media. Typically, the editorial cartoon connects to the editorial of the editor only in the sense that both tackle a particular issue. An editorial cartoon is never excepted to deliver the SAME message of the editorial, nor deliver a supplementary message (though there is no rule saying it should not) in relation to the editorial. In exists, like the editorial itself, as an expressed opinion on a subject matter.

Why am I ranting about this?

Been asked to do a cartoon editorial for our office paper, you see. Subject of the editorial is the word: UNITY. As I mentioned earlier (with a picture accompanying it), there has been this attempt to shape the mentality and views of people in my office to believe there exists a unity within the rank and file employees and the higher ups. Now, don't get me wrong. I am not one of those naysayers who believe that the higher ups are always oppressive and self-serving. Nope. In fact, I have very optimisctic views and beliefs that those in the upper management of our office our doing the best they can to give us what is due us. It is just that there are other factors (read as other bigger bosses) who'se influence reach much further whose intentions are more on the "bottom-line moolah" mindset than the rest of us.

Anyway, I made one cartoon which I felt was a "in-your-face-honest-opinion" on what sort of Unity truly exists in the workplace. Although I did not specify that it represented my office, I definitely did imply that is happens that way more than most would expect. One can't really hold on to altruism when surrounded by carreer and wealth focused competitors.

As expected, it was shot down. "It only speaks of one side," one of those in-charge mentioned, "There is honestly, but I feel it ignores the fact there are some groups in the office that do show unity. Why not illustrate those?" Personally, I felt like she was off-track. I mean its like me making a cartoon to represent the health of a person dying of, say, A.I.D.S. and being told my brutally honest representation of his emancipated self doesn't do justice to the fact his left ear and his right tit are still healthy and ruddy!

Promising not to compromise my artistic sensibilities and my personal beliefs, I told them I will make a new one (rather than "revise' the first one which I felt had no need for such revisions) which still resonates with my beliefs. Though it was far more.. harmless, I still felt it did convey what I wanted to say about Unity. I mean, it shows it can be done (and implies it isn't there yet), but the need to strip away the individual to serve the rest isn't an easy task.

Anyway, here they are.
I mean, I worked hard on them. I want others to at least appreciate them.

Unity #1

Unity #2

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