Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Ironic, I know.
Nearly caused a fire at work today. Bought some microwavable popcorn, and followed the instructions on the package, setting the microwave on High for four minutes. Then, waited. Before I knew it, tufts of smoke rose from the popcorn bag and filled the machine faster than you could fart.

Worried, I reached into the microwave, tossed the smoking bag of popcorn into the sink and doused it with generous helpings of water. With a fog of over-cooked popcorn and butter filling the room, I quickly opened the doors and prayed the sprinkler system wouldn't kick in.

Thankfully, it didn't.

Last thing I would have wanted was the sprinkler systems to engage and me being seen as the culprit of over Php 300,000 of computer and electonic equipment that would have gotten damaged. Or worse, the files that could have gotten lost.

All for a damn bag of popcorn.

(insert "Fire Drill" irony here)

I want to go home.

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