Monday, July 05, 2004

What a way to start a day! The elevators were NOT working today. So, like everyone else in the building, I had to climb the steps all the way to the floor I work at. The 9th floor. It was a rush, I will admit to you that. And in some ways it wasn't so bad. Made me miss my gym days. Gotta start working out a bit again somehow.

Got a second haircut to slash the side burns and to gobble up the long hair at the rear. It may have looked cool on a certain football player, but it definitely didn't go well with me. Kept the top though. Like how it looks like the top view of a war happening on knee-deep sludge. All I need now is the occasional sound of cannons firing and some blood oozing around the temples.

I wonder if I'll find a camera to post a pic of my new look.

Spider-man 2 everywhere
I know I know. It is really good. I know.
I just haven't seen it yet.
But I will.

What I really want to see though
I want to watch a movie where the wretch actually gets herself entangled in her own lies. For someone who claims not to have any wealth and money, she sure loves to make herself up with really expensive things. I wonder if I get to see her nose grow longer during her interviews. Talo pa niya si Pinnochio.

What I hope I don't see
Either the Volta movie being hailed as an inspiration for ZsaZsa Zaturnnah, which it copied. Or that supposed Darna teleserye being based on the Mango comic. I'm sorry but that comic really was bad in my opinion. Too much Jean Grey influences in it. No real touch of Pinoy-ness. Too much manga-wannabe-ish. Not enough bakya feel to be the real Darna. And mind you, Bakya can be positive.

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