Sunday, July 04, 2004

Silent Hill 4 is finally available!
Got a copy of it already. Spooking me out big time. Still, gotta make space in my memory card for it. Gosh, which game will I sacrifice to play Silent Hill I wonder. Hmm... So far, I'm finding it pretty interesting. The intro isn't as terrific as the first three, but I liked how they approached the credits at the start. The loading screen has a "Ringu" feel to it and I like the voice acting so far. Everyone actually DOES sound real.

More updates soon!

Gaming And Sleep
The Changeling game this weekend ended kinda early when sleep won over the three of us. My apologies to Sam and Seth for the aborted session. Although we did touch on some aspects of the story, I feel like i failed to give a good enough adventure for one session. I do hope to make it up to you guys when the next game comes along.

Thank yous!
Thank you to Sam for his Hongkong pasalubongs. Thank you to Adrian and Nabs for the lunch. And to Seth for being supportive and helpful even as I was going through a depressed streak.

Not too happy with my haircut. Wanted something different but being told it reminds one of FPJ has settled it for me. Gonna get another hair cut tomorrow.

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