Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Another day of work
And another day of having to navigate them 188+ steps. Only half the elevators were working today, so yes, it was either long-line city or the stairs. And having had enough nightmares of enrollment and adjustment day in DLSU, I opted to do the lose-some-calories-method instead.

Got to visit Comic Quest later in the evening. Vinnie and Carl were nice enough to wait up for me. Hope they enjoyed the brownies I delivered for them! Got free pizza too thanks to... oh God.. I forgot his name.. basta yung isa pang comic guy. Tapos, thanks to the eternally huge generosity of Mr. Simbulan, got copies of Baylans 1 and 2, Styx Taxi and Dork Storm and Dungeons and Dragons comics. Gonna read them soon and send some reviews!

Still haven't seen Spider-man 2. Did see Euro-Trip, which was sort of like a movie attempting to be wittier and... more shocking than American Pie. Surprisingly, I liked it more than American Pie 2 or American Wedding. But it wasn't that funny compared to the original American Pie though. A fun watch and all but in some parts, kinda had jokes you already anticipated coming. Lots of breasts and penises too. But I'd leave you to find out what I mean.

What else... hmm... done seven pages of Diliman and for those who aren't able to visit its website often to read it, burned CD copies of the first ten issues in PDF format is available at Comic Quest for free! The Siglo:Passion pages are still being colored though. After Dean's comment, now I am afraid to submit it until I'm happy with it 100%

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  1. Ooooh...there. i just want to kill a garapata...hehe

    about stairs climbing...

    do you know that climbing up flights of stairs burns a lot of calories [http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/pphb-dgspsp/sth-evs/english/more.htm]

    and research has shown that "a man's heart rate rarely gets higher than 130 beats a minute during intercourse. That's about the same as raking leaves or walking up a couple flights of stairs. Playing 18 holes of golf (without using a cart) burns the same number of calories as engaging in sexual intercourse."

    thought you mioght find that interesting :-)



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