Monday, June 07, 2004

Monday and Moisture
It is raining again. Rain, rain, rain, the droplets fall like tears from all the broken hearts left unspoken and kept hidden. There are times I find myself thinking maybe someone up there realises that too many people have hidden painful memories and moments in their hearts, knowing too well to expose such pains would hurt others more than themselves.... and maybe, just maybe, it was then that rain began to exist.

The heavens cry for you, because you cannot let anyone else do so.

Poetic moments aside, it is supposedly signal number one today over Metro Manila. Typically, this results with horrible traffic jams (maybe drivers have an unconscious complusion to count each and every drop that hits their windshield?) and diffifult morning bathing. I mean, god, I don't think my nipples ever got this perky before just for a shower!

Oh, mga magaling mag-imagine diyan... tama na!

It is a good morning though. Woke earlier than usual and felt more refreshed than I anticipated. Got to work early enough to be able to say I'm starting to get back in the groove. Have loads of work coming and ... crap. Suddenly I think I realise why everything is so fucking nice right now.

Its the dreaded TV Guide this week.

The calm before the storm indeed.
The calm before the storm.

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