Sunday, June 06, 2004

I need a massage
Body feels like a few elephants danced the tango while I was sleeping. But then again, I barely got enough sleep today. Ran another Changeling: The Dreaming session with Seth and Sam as my primary players, until Aldwin came to grace us with his presence. Thankfully, the Gods of Call-Center Schedules had chosen to grant him free time on his weekends! Sadly, neither Erwin nor Marco could make it (again) and adding to the sadness was the fact that it was Marco's birthday this weekend.

Though the game ended earlier than usual, a quick breakfast allowed us to recuperate some lost strength before heading for bed. I slept a fitful rest with a strange dream involving naked basketball players, a gigantic red tent and a rising tide of water; don't ask me for details for none seem to have been retained in my brain. I guess that's for the best.

Woke around 12:02 noon to the voice of Bebie, our house help who has been taking care of me since I was one, and got dressed for a lunch with the family at Pasay. One of my Uncles, Joe, is here for a few days you see. They were the kind family who permitted me to squat on their residence while I was in the United States.

Headed home by four to fix my mom's computer. She needed to get her CD-burner running, MSOffice and Adobe Pagemaker installed, as well as make sure other things were in order. Checked her laptop too which had a busted battery and failed to fix it. And finally, packed to head back here to San Juan for the rest of the evening.

The trip was a long one, with a torrent of rain marking the night as miserable. Add to that the fact that the newly installed lock at the gate somehow has been tampered with and none of the new keys we have had duplicated for it work anymore...

I guess one shouldn't complain.
But damn it, it helps me feel better.

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