Saturday, June 05, 2004

Finally level 10 man!
Had a really fun time playing Priston Tale last night. Made a few parties and helped some guys gain some weapons and experience, which is funny since last night was practically my first time to play the game. Special thanks to Thedanishgod, Terra McBassman, Ellendil, and a few others whose names I forgot for making that a fun night. I mean, really! Finding ourselves lost as some point was a freaking moment to be remembered with shivers! And getting surrounded by those monstrous trees, attacking street lights and large-capped boggarts was like a page straight out of Changeling: the Dreaming!

Back at work
Yep. I am typing this while at work. The powers that be decided it would be best for me to do the work over the weekend. Snarf.. I tell you... snarf...

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