Thursday, May 20, 2004

Half-way there...
Juggling two commercials, the dreaded monthly TV Guide for Middle East as well as a host of other little required projects all in the span of a few days. So far, I'm alive, which is good, but on a related note, I feel each and every droplet of inspiration dying. Work is just devouring me like a wolf upon a blind, mute, and deaf lamb and I got nothing but my witty banter and my dreams of surviving another gruelling week to keep me going.

That. And my friends.

Maan is back from her short workshop at Mowelfund, which is something I shall be eternally grateful for. With her back at work, some of the heavier jobs on my lap shall be passed to her. She looks nicely rejuvinated, after spending two weeks doing creative work and learning the ropes of handling cinematography. Johnboy, my old college buddy, dropped by to talk some and play Siren. It was fun having the banter we used to toss back and forth back... and it was interesting to realise we used to need beer and lots of gin to keep it going. Chatted about the whereabouts of old friends like Sunshine, Edy, Jowell and Ken. Mused on the achievements of Jemps, Popay and Tappy. College days are really memorable, no matter how bitter-sweet.

Hoping Marco gets back with news on what game we can play this coming weekend. I opted not to text or ask him since I don't want to add pressure to him. I feel helpless, knowing his troubled situation and knowing there is only so much I can do to help. Having been a best friend who'd come to his aid when he needed it... I feel paralyzed knowing things are different now. There are just so much one can do without crossing certain social lines.

Seth is having trouble with his computer. He's a tad cranky, which isn't anything new, but its enough for me to know I should stay out of his way for the time being. No word from Sam nor Aldwin. James is excited for the game like a kid hearing there's going to be a trip to Disneyland. I hope I don't disappoint him though, if Marco opts to play Changeling this weekend. To the very least, I'll make sure the next Orpheus game for him rocks higher than the last one.

The office gang is cool as always. If it weren't for them, I have to admit, I would have left ABS-CBN Global Ltd. a long time ago. There's a big difference between being in a high paying job with total assholes and being in an over-worked low-paying job with really great people whom you know aren't backstabbing sons of bitches and bastards.

Family is staying strong. Though I am a tad worried for my Dad considering his current job in Paranaque might require some major shifts, I am happy he's out of the political mess the Philippines is in. My Mom's been having trouble with the computer I got her again. HP seems to be having a certain lack of adequacy in helping her out. So much for getting the Warranty, eh? At least I know we haven't been wasting loads of money on the repairs. Just a lot of gas and patience. My sister is OJT-ing in McCann Erickson now. I'm proud of her and I do hope she survives the waters there. Ad agencies can be like sharks. My brother and sister-in-law are happy in Los Angeles. He's almost done with his Masters degree and all four of them are having a wonderful time.

It is a good life, I have to admit.
Its not perfect but hey... I'm just too dumb to realise I should be more satisfied with what I got. I guess its hard when you have the tendancy to dream and look at things and see how they can get bigger.

And I know they will.

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