Thursday, May 20, 2004

End of the week
Finally nearing the end of the week and I have no idea what my weekend plans will really be like. Marco, it turns out, is sick for the second day this week so he isnt't sure if he can play. James is anxiously awaiting for updates on what we're playing tomorrow. Same with Erwin, though he hasn't been texting for updates though. Aldwin is no longer able to join the gang, which really is sad considering he really does add life to the games. So far, only Sam and Seth are for sure available, though neither of them really know yet what we're playing.

Again, it falls upon ME to handle the decision-making.
And again, no matter what I decide upon, there will be those who are disappointed and those who are happy. And finally, no matter what happens, it will be up to be to face the music and take the effort to contact everyone else.


After numerous times of pleading, complaining, voicing out, echoing and dropping hints to the others that I would appreciate it if someone can help handle the legwork of contacting everyone and finding out whose available for what.


Somethings never change.

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