Thursday, April 01, 2004

Something I posted in

I guess eventually, it had to come to this.
My apologies to all those who had hoped to play but....

I'm no longer running any games.
I guess I just got tired of the whole hobby and all.

The way work has been taxing me has just gotten way to much to handle. And then, there's the issue concerning
the forever rising costs of books, dice and pencils. World of Darkness ended really nicely, but the new WOD
is coming out within this year too and I don't think I can cope anymore with the expenses.

Then there's this serious lack of players and interested in trying games which really
bums me out for buying all these useless books which are just wasting space and gathering dust.

So damn it, i quit. I'm gonna go find a new hobby.
Perhaps get into Ragnarok or something.
Hell, maybe even fashion shows.

So if anyone wants any of my rpg books, just email me back okay.

And realise after a moment that it is April 1.
Happy April Fools day!


Joke Joke Joke!!!


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