Monday, April 26, 2004

Agh, early work!
Handling a shoot.
Just wanted to post two things I noticed this morning.

First the bad:
taken from
Very painful reviews of Nearly Forgotten in this site.
I guess they didn't get it. Funny though one mentioned an Art Teacher considering my work for them to check out. :-)

Here's a painful excerpt:
Overall: "Uh, this isn't a comic. Not to me anyways. I'm sure to someone else it might. But to me, this is a piece of Art. Art is meant to be experienced. I know that because that's what my Abstract art teacher seemed to believe, or something like that. Needless to say, this isn't really a comic. Comics should be... drawn. I don't care if it was badly drawn with a pencil and on lined paper, as long as it was drawn... I'd have no problem with the comic being what it is. This doesn't seem like a comic to me."

Then the good:
taken from
Dumpling Press distro has been newly reopened.
We're all ready to get your mail orders,
but we're also making our goodies available from Central Comic Headquarters (CCHQ) in Katipunan, QC, and Eskinita in Taytay, Rizal.
First on the list is San'To? #1, the debut zine by Acid Ink Studios, lovingly edited by Bunny Luz.
It offers a cornucopia of ubran perspectives: a reluctant local cinema-goer, an unrepentant 'theater brat', a teenage diabetic, an insightful commuter, and more. There's a nice little interview with superstar inker/ mini-comic advocate Gerry Alanguilan (Crest Hut Butt Shop). Plus a generous smattering of fiction, reviews, and comics [including rare non-horror work by Tobie Abad (Diliman)].
30 pages, half A4-size, with a cardstock cover.
Click on the image to see a more detailed view.
Each issue contains a free sticker.
For only P30 (in the stores)/P40 (by mail order), it's totally sulit.
A very promising debut from this young zinester!

- I must admit I am touched to be part of this.
And surprised non-horror work from me is considered rare now!

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