Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Yeah, it is happening again
It is currently 12:47 in the morning and we have just finished shooting one of two storyboards for a telecom commercial. Gah, looks like my stuck at work even as the sun begins to shine days aren't quite over yet. I'm terribly tired from the fact I had to go to work yesterday (on my birthday) after only having barely three hours of sleep, then heading home around midnight to wake and head back to work even before the sun completely rose.

And now, within the same day, I am doing it again.
I tell you, this is freaking exhausting.

I'm gonna stay home tomorrow, yes I will.
And I'm going to get my well deserved rest.

Not all things are bad
Got free ice cream today. An officemate of ours was kind enough to notice my falling-asleep-between-takes moments and decided to cheer me up with a dose of soft ice cream covered in delicious strawberry syrup (the really yummy kind that solidifies from the cold). I feel like a happy camper who just got a prize from my parents for doing well.

Yay me!

Pages.... the pages..
The days count down to the deadline for the first presentation of the stuff I have made for Siglo so far. I'm a nervous wreck whenever I recall that. I don't want to disappoint my writer, Quark Henares or the people behind Siglo (namely, Sodomy Victim Vinnie and Erudite Author Dean. God, grant me the talent, the skill, the determination and the courage to finish this task.

Or at least come up with something they'll be willing to still print.

Lastly... been having thoughts...
I really am starting to consider new job options. I love my job and all, but I think I am starting to search for a change of pace. Anyone with openings in mind for me to peruse? Hope to hear from you.

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