Saturday, February 07, 2004

Woke up really early... then was off to meet up with Angela once more for another trip to the comicshop! Found myself devouring my wallet to buy copies of Chris Sprouce Legionnaires (Issue 1 to around 15) and found myself scouring for other stuff. Got copies of the Legion/Titans team-up special, and got a present from Angela, a copy of Violent Cases!

Passed by CSUN with my brother (he's finishing his MBA there! Scored rank 2 in the tests!) and found myself admiring both the landscape and the fact I think I'll be checking this campus out for my graduate studies.

Then found myself in an anime shop and again, my wallet is the victim as I purchased at last a copy of the Studio Ghibli collection! Also purchased a Project A-ko DVD set but got the sequels instead of the really hilarious and cool original movie. Sigh. Well, still is entertaining. Just not as good as the first one.

Then it was a round of Jamba Juice drinks...
and a buffet at a restaurant...
before heading home to panic-pack for my trip to Boston!

Gawd, I heard its below-zero there... hope I don't lose any toes.
Be in touch!

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