Saturday, February 07, 2004

Well, spent it mostly watching more movies, as well as bonding with the kids, Janna, Mark and Tim. Spent some hours hanging out at a nearby Borders and found myself perusing copies of White-Wolf's Guide to the High Clans as well as the Guide to the Low Clans (for their Dark Ages: Vampire line). Opted not to buy it instead and save up for the coming Ascencion book as well as the Time of Judgment book.

Had a heck of a time playing the Return of the King Playstation 2 video game! Played it for a while solo, then eventually joined up with Tim. We got all the way to the Southern Gate before we realised what time it was and called it a night.

To cap the day, I opted to watch About Schmidt and found myself getting depressed again. Gah, it really puts old age into perspective, eh?

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