Sunday, February 08, 2004

Day 8
Woke up at 5:00a.m. to rush to the airport for my flight to Boston. Frustratingly, I still arrived too late for the Check-In baggage rule (they don't allow baggage to be checked in 40 minutes before the boarding time, really!) so I had to use my charms, innocence and prowess to convince them otherwise. Thankfully, they decided "Go on and go through the security. Your bag is small enough to be hand-carried!" Though I personally would have disagreed, it was shut-up and go, or get pushed to the next flight and pay a $100 fine.

So off I went.

Security went strange cause my shoes started giving some weird metal signals. I was asked to strip, had a quick search and well, they found nothing of interest (well, I guess in terms of security. In other terms though, there was one security person who kinda eyed me with a grin) and finally let me pass. So I run, hoping to still make it to my flight cause while I was being... er... searched, I heard the intercom announce that my flight to Boston was already boarding.

I get there to discover that the people at the boarding area refuse to let me bring my bag on board. "Its too big. That's too big for hand carry honey." Just as I was about to cry about having to suffer the delays of taking the next flight, a black man approaches us and tells the lady,"Let's just check it in and get this boy off the ground." So before you know it, I'm on the plane to Boston and my late-baggage is resting somewhere in the belly of the ride. Yes, I believe in guardian angels and I believe they can be black if they want.

*I had a cranky American as a seatmate, but he became nice half-way through the ride, so I decided to omit that scene from this retelling. Also noticed a guy who looked strangely like Oliver Pulumbarit! Well, a toughie, macho, I-love-to-rape-anything-with-tits version that is. Too bad I didn't get to take a picture of him!

On Boston
My God! The SNOW! There is SNOW everywhere! On the roof tops, on the road, amongst the trees! Finally I am experiencing what it is like to be in a place that is actually snowing! Well, the snow's all on the ground already (the snow storm was earlier in the day before I arrived, I heard) but hey, its one-step closer to experiencing the white fall upon me and tickle me icicle cold. Heheheh! Pictures to follow... definitely pictures to follow!

An old neighbor and childhood friend, Francis picked me up at the shuttle I took from the airport and brought me over to their place. Tita Nimfa (his Mom), Francis and Tita Nimfa's mom (though I could be wrong) stay in this nice quaint house surrounded by snow and framed by Tim Burton-ish trees. It has the feel and look of them old American Houses that are mostly wood with nice soft interiors and low ceilings. Its pretty warm inside, making it easy to forget that there's all this snow and ice outside.

The house is still under-renovation, and this is considered to be "a mess". Frankly, I don't see it as such but hey I have to succumb to the decisions of its owners eh? So sadly, I don't think there will be any pictures of "the mess". I will try to grab a lot of the snow outside. Hmm... I wonder if I can make a snowman or a snow angel?

Hmm... gonna get wet for that.
Updates soon!
Gotta scoot for now. Tita Nimfa just cooked some really delicious smelling steak. And I think the cold has just nurtured a ravenously hungry monster in me.
Later peeps!

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