Wednesday, February 04, 2004

The day started as groaning moment.... barely had enough sleep for the day. Funny thing was, I didn't really feel THAT lousy. I had an interesting dream running, which I really just found myself relishing. The most I can currently recall is it had something to do with me being able to walk on walls and that there was this giant pinata I wanted to reach. Ah, darn... wish I recalled.

Anyway, the day progressively got better and better!

First, I opted for a more interesting get up. Sadly the pictures don't show it clearly but I went for a green and fushia motif. My Buko Pandan look which seemed to be a hit in the household. Very Pinoy, they told me, and frankly I cared not if it was meant half-in-jest or whathaveyou. Basta, feel ko maging artsy sa color choices ko kanina.

I was to meet with Angela who wanted me to visit a comic shop she frequented. A comic shop! Damn, I was excited! Getting dressed early, I began looking through the long lists of stuff I was to buy for others and made sure I had enough to get what they wanted. Well, as it turns out, the comics were either not available (Sorry Ner!) or too expensive (Sorry Oliver!). I did find myself ravenous over the many options i had before me. In the end, I blew $70+ on a load of a comics I had long wanted to have, or lost and wanted to replace.

Eventually I also asked my brother to bring me to a nearby store I can shop for music cds. We wen't to the nearest Tower Records and found three CDs I wanted to get. The first was 10,000 Maniacs: Campfire Songs (which Oliver gave me money to buy for him), the seond was a Dido single that contained White Flag, Paris (A previously unreleased song) as well as the Johnny Toobad Mix of White Flag (which I shall admit I didn't really like.)

Got myself copies of Girl, Human Target, Face, V for Vendetta TPB, Legion, Generation X and the last Stormwatch TPB which lead to the death of the team and the beginnings for The Authority. I also got myself a copy of Strangers In Paradise which I think Oliver would love to read as material for inspiration for his upcoming solo comic.

After that, it was a quick trip back to the house to help in a Commercial which my Uncle was planning to have made for their business. Amusingly, the people they were to meet with to conceptualize the commercial was from ABS-CBN International. Traded ideas, shares stories and had a lot of fun chatting about work. (Egad.. during a vacation!?!)

Then, it was off for a few hours of bonding with my brother, Mike, who had been staying here in Los Angeles for a while now to finish his MBA. I am so proud of him. He ranked 2nd place in the recent testing for the MBA.

We headed off after a light snack and made our way to the...

Joe and Nanette household. Arriving there, we had dinner, traded updates on the family and tossed jokes back and forth. Though I was having such a great time, I have to admit, exhaustion and sleepiness started to get the better of me. As I was nodding off on the ever so lovely leather couches (which I sadly must admit did nothing to force the cold away), my brother opted that we head back to the house, but not before going for some groceries and introducing me to a new vice to cultivate:


Even if we were freezing our hairy asses off, I knew I just had to try this famous drink that composed of fruit, ice, blended juices and the like. And damn, I will tell you now it was well worth feeling the tips of my fingers grow numb. Jamba Juice Rules!

So there you go, a very eventful Day 4. I'll be heading off to bed very soon though. Been having small headaches which remind me of tiny lice dancing the tango while wearing steel-tipped boots. Been slipping into sleep every now and then at any moment I am in a quiet place too.

No sense getting sick while here, eh?
The bed awaits! As a sidenote (which I should have posted at the start) pardon the confusing non-linear recollection of the events, my friends. It must be my lack of sleep. Back to my empty cold bed then.

Sayang lang talaga... why does it have to be empty.

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