Tuesday, February 03, 2004

After soaking my feet in the water, and dropping my sister-in-law's cellphone in the gutter...
I finally got to meet up with Popay! Yeehey!!! Popay and I used to hang out a lot together back in college. She was the epitome of a living person to represent Death and was one of those friends whom you knew you'd keep for many many years to come. When she left for the US, I was depressed for a few days. Gone was the person who helped me stay smiling even when a relationship I had back in college disintegrated. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to see her again... even if I knew we both were trying to keep in touch.

So there, we finally meet up thanks to the fact we were able to keep in touch, and we brave the cold, chilly rain as we make our way to a Thai Restaurant she wanted us to eat at.

Unfortunately the restaurant happens to be closed on Mondays. So without any other choice, and with the rains getting worse, we tarried on to the nearest food place and found a diner a block or two away. (Trust me, a BLOCK is a LONG way in Los Angeles). We had great food, talked about life, love and everything else fun in between, as well as reminisced on the good old times, the great todays and the wonderful tomorrows to come.

Ah Popay, I miss you already! Thanks for finding time in your schedule to accomodate lil ol me.

Wait a minute, RAIN???
Yes, you read it right, it was raining today.

I didn't really check on the weather reports so I don't know precisely why. I doubt its the big Man up there having fun on my expense. Heheh. But hey, I'm not really complaining anymore. Though it gave me a chapped lip that still smarts, at least I didn't end up bleeding. Though it made me dunk my sister-in-law's phone into the gutter and forced me to fish it out with my nimble hands, at least it didn't ruin it and fuck it up from still working, eh?

Still, it was a nice touch. Gave the night a feel. Ah yes...

All in all, a good day!

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