Thursday, February 05, 2004

Pardon the lack of photos for now. And possibly for day 6 as well.
Well, the day began late in the afternoon. Having stayed up till the wee hours of the morning chatting with some friends back home, I woke up way past four p.m. with a strange dream still lingering in my head. I can't seem to recall the details again, but I know it had to do with sex and some officemate. Hmm... That was yummy, as far as I can barely recall.

Then it was off to my Uncle Joe and Tita Nanette's place for a few days. Got to their house in time for dinner and had a delicious meal courtesy of a Chinese place with a Panda for a logo. Spent the earlier part of the evening watching American Idol and watched as they culled the herd to a small group. It is actually a fun show to watch, seeing how many of them would forget some lines and whatnots. Damn can some of them really sing!

Then, went off with my cousin, Tim, to grab some rentals at Blockbuster. Grabbed Run Lola Run, About Schmidt, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Musa: The Warrior as well as a rental PS2: Return of the King game to keep me occupied as I stayed up in hopes some pinoys back home would be online while I was. Hung out and watched Brotherhood of the Wolf with Tim, Janna and Mark but Tim headed up ahead to catch some Zzzs. The two younger cousins enjoyed the movie though, even if I had to skip the scene where Monica Belluci (Malena, Matrix Revolutions, Passion) first appears.

It is colder here than my other Uncle's place. They also got wireless internet, but the laptop I borrowed (Mark's, THANK YOU MARK!) doesn't have photoshop so I can't really move my pictures in here. Darn it. Well, them the breaks eh?

Still, I'm enjoying myself. I miss these people a lot!

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