Wednesday, February 18, 2004

DAY 17
Kuya and I were off to check out MAGIC MOUNTAIN this morning only to discover it was closed. Really! They actually CLOSED Magic Mountain. Well, I never knew that theme parks actually close during the week. Could be a freak winter thing. I tell you, I was very very disappointed about it.

Hoping to make good use of the suddenly large amount of free time I had in my hands, we meet up with Angela who actually lived quite close to the area and with her explored the delicious flavors offered by Maggie Moos! Oh boy! It really made up for the disappointment of the early part.

Then went shopping around. A toy shop was selling everything at 30% off and Angela practically devoured the place, buying more than her own body mass. Then, we looked for my Mom's make-up, Jam's diapers and other pasalubong requests. Soon, with exhaustion slowly coming in, we grabbed more ice cream at Dairy Queen then made our way to Ralphs to buy other stuff we needed.

After the eventful day, we headed back home to prepare for a dinner with some cousins. Although to be honest, I feel like I'm more in need of a much desired rest.

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