Wednesday, February 18, 2004

DAY 16
Passed by the Westin for the last day of the con. Didn't have any players again but I was still given my full refund. Attended an auction and stared at the Japanese wakizashi and the knife they were auctioning off (starting at one dollar) which I just wish I could get. Unfortunately, I doubt I could have brought it home with me even if I wanted to.

Met up with John, who was inviting me to be part of a new forum and gallery for online comics. We chatted about the local comic industry and I offered some ideas which I hope he does choose to cultivate.

DAY 15
Was supposed to run two games this Sunday, but I was late for my 2:30p.m. game session and I had to cancel my 7:30p.m. game session since my brother made plans to meet up with Rex Aglibot, an old schoolmate and gamer I knew back in Highschool.

So there, around 6:30p.m., Mike and Rex picked me up at the Westin and we headed home for some ACOUSTIC JAMMING! Joining me, Rex and my brother were former schoolmate A.J. Salazar and a friend of his whose name I missed (though he looked a lot like someone I knew back in Don Bosco). We were playing around with various songs; Plush, 1979, and all that until A.J. suddenly shocked us all with a shift towards the old religious songs we used to sing at Don Bosco Makati (highschool days!) and acoustic versions of Britney Spear's Oops I did it again and Backstreet Boys' I want it that way and Everybody!

Had a load of fun singing a more male rendition of Bic Runga's Sway and Lisa Loeb's Stay then gave a soulful approach to Hotel California. Heck, we even opted to have a range of U2, Pearl Jam and 80s songs in the mix!

Of course, by the time the night ended we still didn't know who A.J.'s friend was... Hmm....

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